Inspired by true experiences of grief and growing up


As a young teenager who lost my mother, I understand that people respond to loss in very individualized ways. I responded by feeling nothing for a very long time, the only time I could feel anything was when I was physical with someone else. The sensation of heat, of touch and feeling the breath of someone else against my mouth kept me sane. 

I believe that the only way for women to be accurately portrayed in film is for women to be in charge of the narrative. I reached out to my older cousin Jessie when I was in the first stages of writing the script and shyly asked if she would be interested in directing the film. Not only do we have the same name, she also lost her father at the age of 16, the same time I lost my mother. I think the film will be even more honest in its portrayal of Sophie because of what we have both unfortunately shared.

I think that this story has the ability to touch many people’s lives.